Regardless of whether you are acquainted with Chiropractic care, you can expect your trip to be different from the health care experiences you’ve had before.

Throughout the first visit, your Chiropractor will show you what issues (present or potential) you may have, how Chiropractic care can be used to fix them, and also the benefits Chiropractic care offers. If you have never been adjusted before, please ask all the questions you have so they can be clarified by your chiropractor, which means you know what to expect. The Chiropractic Doctor will give a consultation and respond to questions or concerns you might have before your treatment. calgary-chiropractic-fees

To save time, new patients are welcome to print and complete the forms below before coming their first appointment.

Following a full exam and consultation, you might be treated that day on the comfortably padded adjustment table. You’ll remain fully dressed throughout your visit, therefore we recommend you put on non-restrictive clothing as motion is often a key part of treatment. Some of the treatments will be performed when you are face down, on your side, sitting up or resting lying on your back.

Chiropractic care is proven effective and safe treatment, yet some people may experience unwanted effects after the first visit which include headaches, fatigue and tenderness. Unwanted effects from chiropractic care typically are mild and disappear within 24 hrs. Do stay well hydrated pre and post each visit.

We recommend you plan around an hour for the first visit, and follow-up visits may require about 15 minutes. Some conditions might be resolved in a single or few visits, although a lot of people choose routine chiropractic care to stay healthy and feel their best.

If, throughout the path of your treatment, the doctor encounters issues which prevent her or him from supplying care, or thinks an x-ray or any other imaging is needed, you might be referred to additional healthcare providers.


Missed appointments may be charged half the value of the appointment.***


The fees for service are as follows:

Initial Assessment – $120

Chiropractic Treatment Session – $60

Student/Senior Chiropractic Treatment – $30

Radial Shockwave Therapy Session – $60

Re-Assessment – $30

Kinesiology Taping – Please call for info


Please contact us if you have any questions.


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