Upper back pain can happen due to trauma or sudden injuries. It may also occur due to repetitive strain or poor posture over time. 


To illustrate the latter, upper back discomfort has turned into a familiar complaint from individuals who continually work on computers. Sustaining this posture de-conditions the back muscles and strain gets localized to joints and tendons, leading to pain. Frequently, upper back pain happens together with neck pain and/or shoulder pain.

Upper back discomfort often occurs because of either insufficient muscular strength or strain from repetitive motions. Muscle strains, workplace injuries, car accidents, or any other injury all can lead to discomfort in the upper back.

If there’s a particular area that’s very tender, the origin from the upper back discomfort might be a trigger point. Trigger points are situated inside a skeletal muscle and can be treated effectively by a Chiropractor.

Treatment usually includes Chiropractic manipulation to mobilize & centre the joints and lower the discomfort, followed by soft tissue release to optimize function.

Lasting relief usually also needs a workout program for stretching and strengthening the spine and upper back in addition to postural considerations. Aerobic conditioning can also be necessary for sustained upper back discomfort relief. Are you looking to stand tall again? Contact us for upper back pain relief.



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