It is common for patients to fear the worst about lower back injuries and discontinue some of their favourite activities.

However, bed rest is probably the worst option when dealing with low back pain, and Chiropractic care is probably the best to get you back moving well without of pain. Listed here are a few common reasons for low back discomfort that can be treated effectively.low-back-pain-calgary-chiropractor

Acute and Chronic Lumbar Strain: This describes any injuries to tendons, ligaments and/or the muscles within the back. This kind of injury can happen because of trauma, but is commonly due to excessive or prolonged stress on the tissues of the low back, such as working or relaxing in a poor chair or sleeping on an un-supportive bed mattress. Poor posture due to core muscle de-conditioning is often the most important factor.

Nerve Irritation: People may feel nerve irritation of the lumbar spine due to pressure on a nerve by bone or surrounding soft tissue.

Lumbar Radiculopathy: This describes a nerve irritation often triggered by harm to the discs among individual spinal vertebrae. Disc damage is triggered by injuries and/or deterioration from the disc’s outer ring. This can cause a breakdown of the structure and function of this joint, leading to compression and irritation of nearby nerves, potentially causing pain, burning, tingling, pins & needles, and muscle dysfunction in the buttocks, thighs, legs, and/or feet.

Conditions of Bones and Joints: There are congenital problems that some people could be born with, or some individuals may develop conditions due to deterioration, aging, or injuries.

Regardless of the cause, an assessment of low back pain is an essential first step to addressing it. If you suffer from lower back pain, speak with us about the ways we will help you find relief.


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