The knee is really a complex joint that depends on ligaments and muscles for stability. When discomfort is from the knee, all of the physiological components have to be examined. The knee joint pain can be directly related to the back, pelvis, ankle and feet. All areas need to be examined because of the direct influence they have on the knee and also the other way around. knee-joint-pain-calgary-nw-chiropractor

Our method of assessing and dealing with the knee includes evaluation of the other muscles and joints relevant to the knee. The lower back, hips and pelvis can often refer pain to the knee joint. If other joints aren’t working properly they are able to put elevated force on the knee joint leading to injuries over time. Therefore to solve the knee pain, we might also treat other locations.

When is Chiropractic care recommended?

  • If knee discomfort is restricting your day-to-day or sports activities.
  • You’ve been given pain relievers or taken anti-inflammatories and not on a rehabilitation plan.
  • Diagnosed with a joint disease and told there’s nothing that you can do.
  • Knee pain or restricted knee movement.


Our care involves specific chiropractic strategies to regions of restricted movement within the knee and surrounding joints to improve movement, enhance function and lower discomfort. Every patient receives a personalized plan so contact us to treat your specific knee pain.

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