IASTM is definitely an advanced type of soft tissue mobilization, which allows physicians to effectively locate and treat people identified with soft tissue disorder. IASTM uses specifically designed instruments meant to locate and manipulate soft tissue. instrument-assisted-soft-tissue-mobilization-calgary-chiropractor

IASTM instruments allow for simpler identification and treatment of fascial issues. They magnify the irregularities (scars, limitations and adhesions) within the fascia making it simpler to discover the region to deal with. Utilizing a tool focuses the pressure in an area more compact than a finger and with less friction. This enables a far more efficient treatment.

The aim of IASTM treatment methods are to trigger inflammatory healing. This can stimulate new collagen and less painful healing.

Advantages Of IASTM:

  • Decrease overall duration of treatment.
  • Allow faster healing.
  • Reduce use of anti-inflammatory medication.

IASTM can be a very effective treatment for knee, shoulder, neck or back pain. As well, discomfort from tennis elbow or golfers elbow, and even chronic headaches typically improves after one treatment. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.


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